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Getting Ready

Before you travel, it is critical that you find out about the medical risks that you might encounter abroad.

These risks will depend upon the following factors:

  • Destination(s)
  • Purpose of travel
  • "Style" of travel
  • Urban or rural areas
  • Underlying medical problems
  • Age
  • Time of year

It is important that you and your travel health professional take these factors into consideration when planning your pre-departure program. Having done that, he or she can decide if you are a low risk traveller, such as businessperson travelling to Singapore for four days, or a high risk traveller, like Indiana Jones.

The major topics that you need to consider are:

For specific advice regarding the health risks at your destination(s), check out the CDC website. Having done that, however, remember that not every trip or every traveller, or even every travel doctor are the same.

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