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Welcome to The Travel Clinic Website. This site is intended for anyone wishing to learn about the health risks that may be encountered when travelling, and to find out how to minimize or manage those risks.

The information contained in this site is not meant to scare the prospective traveller – that’s you! Rather, it is to inform you. I believe that the informed traveller will remain a healthier traveller, and will also be in a better position to make educated decisions when necessary. For when we fall ill abroad, we may be subject to poor (though at times…excellent) medical care in a language we do not understand. As well, you will be constantly bombarded with anecdotal medical opinions, especially about malaria. Some of what you hear will be incorrect, and at times dangerous! There are lots of excellent links throughout the site, so anything you need to know should literally be at your fingertips.  

As I tell the international volunteers to whom I give pre-departure medical briefings:

  • there are lots of interesting diseases out there
  • with a little bit of common sense and luck, you probably won’t get any of them
  • you should probably know about them anyway, just in case
  • in fact, you just might feel better while you are away
  • and please, try to wear a seatbelt when you travel!

My latest book, TRAVEL HEALTH GUIDE: Everything you need to know before you leave, while you're away, after you're back (buy it on Amazon or Chapters), is available on line and in most bookstores. It is an updated version of my previous bestseller, THE TRAVEL DOCTOR. However it is smaller, more concise, and should fit perfectly in your (or your children's) backpack!

 It is always a pleasure to see people from different walks of life and different parts of the world travelling abroad for an infinitie number of reasons. The diseases and conditions that we worry about don’t really change much from day to day, but I have found that no two travellers are the same.

While I do not change my website that regularly, I do make a point of writing my blog every week or two. Here I try to keep you up to date with topical and tropical items such as the latest case of rabies in Toronto, the most recent remedy for altitude sickness, controversial issues such as “should I really take an Imodium” and much more. It is probably worth your while to browse through my archives.

Thank you.
Mark Wise M.D., D.T.M. & H. (London)

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